Tailor-made craftsmanship from Germany

WaterBeck pool covers are manufactured exclusively in Germany from high-quality plastics such as PC, PCTR and PVC. Planning of the covers is achieved by means of computer-assisted simulations. In the case of pools with unusual dimensions, the slats are then precisely cut to size by hand (photo at bottom). The winding shafts and fixtures are […]

The energy saver

(PR box) (Emmerthal, 7/23/2020) WaterBeck pool covers not only keep the pool clean, they also significantly reduce power consumption. Up to 80 percent of the operating costs for the water heater and pump can be saved by installing a roller shutter cover. To the articlePR box | The energy saver Back to News

Classic meets modern

The Reinhard family’s indoor pool was getting on in years and was fully renovated.   Instead of wooden beams on the ceiling and walls the visitor is now welcomed by a bright, friendly atmosphere – and a pool with an elegant mosaic floor. To the magazineCommercial report: Mosaic pools To the articleWaterBeck_User report_Mosaic pools Back to […]