Slats, retractor systems & drives

Components of pool covers

Swimming pool covers consist of three main components: slats, the retractor system and the drive unit. All components are subjected to stringent quality inspections before we assemble your custom pool roller shutter.

The slats for our pool covers are manufactured using high-quality PC; PVC and PCTR. They are very robust and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools. In the case of indoor pools, the covers not only keep the water warmer, but also prevent evaporation. This saves the pool owner both heating costs and electric power for the pump.

We offer pool covers for installation in the pool (recessed) or outside of the pool (top-mounted). You decide whether the retractor system is installed under an elegant bench or discreetly behind a screen.

All of our pool covers use time-proven MecaTec drives from BINDER. Whether you prefer a shaft motor, recessed or top-mounted motor: We have the right drive system for your pool cover.

Our practical pre-assembly service

WaterBeck pool covers can boast not only high quality and elegance – they are also designed for easy installation by the retail dealer. We pre-assemble the slats and drives as far as possible, so that the only work left is to mount and install the cover.

Individual planning with state-of-the-art technology

Does your pool have an unusual shape? No problem: We use a computer-assisted 3D simulation to design the ideal cover for your pool. This assures that your pool roller shutter fits perfectly.