Drive systems

for every requirement

Powerful and compact: Our motor types

Do you want to install a recessed retractor system for your pool cover? Or rather outside of the pool? No matter how you decide: We have the optimal drive system for your swimming pool cover. WaterBeck installs either stainless steel tubular motors or shaft motors.

Both drive types are suitable for both top-mounted and recessed systems. Both types are absolutely watertight and durable, and are available with different motor ratings.

Robust and extremely maintenance friendly: Those are the main features of our shaft motors. The motors can even withstand temporary flooding of the shaft.

This drive type is very compact, rustproof and watertight. This allows inconspicuous mounting (in a roller shutter shaft) underneath the water line. A separate dry shaft is not needed.

User friendly

All of our drive systems are designed for convenient push-button operation. If you desire somewhat more flexibility, we will also be glad to provide a wireless remote control as well. The covers stop automatically when they are completely opened or closed.

Quiet operation

Our drives operate very quietly, so that the cover glides across the water almost noiselessly.

Would you like to know more about our drive systems? Feel free to write to us!