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Stylish protection for every type of swimming pool

WaterBeck manufactures its pool covers using high-quality materials, exclusively in Germany. The roller shutter system fulfills the highest quality and design standards. They are designed for a long service life. Since our pool covers are customized, each one is absolutely unique. Our pool covers consist of slats, retractor systems and drives.

Free form pools

Free form pools often have an unusual shape. Pool covers from WaterBeck are custom tailored to the individual pool.

Stainless steel pools

The elegance of a stainless steel pool is enhanced by our pool cover. Our silver solar slat is the perfect match for stainless steel.

Concrete pools

Modern aesthetics with a color-coordinated cover: The clear simplicity of the concrete is emphasized by use of a suitable slat.

Plastic pools

This is one of the most popular types of pools, because it is delivered as a finished product in one piece. Our customized pool covers give standard pools an individual character.

Natural pool

Our pool covers are also ideal for natural pools. For this type of pool we design the roller shutter so that areas for natural ventilation and natural pool filtering are not covered.

Indoor pool

Cover for indoor pools reduce evaporation and therefore the duty time of air dehumidifiers. Since the water does not cool down, a lower room temperature is possible.



Since our swimming pool covers keep the water temperature constant, you don’t have to heat nearly as much as you would without a protective system. A WaterBeck pool cover will therefore reduce your pool costs significantly. Swimming pool covers also protect your pool and the building material from contamination, evaporation, algae and mold.



Swimming pool covers reduce evaporation, which causes water care products to remain in the pool longer. This cuts down the amount of additives needed. Since a cover also keeps the water temperature constant, the power consumption is also reduced significantly. And a pool cover also substantially decreases the quantity of the fresh water supply. WaterBeck swimming pool covers therefore not only reduce your pool operating costs, but also lessen environmental impact!

Swimming pool protection “Made in Germany”

WaterBeck pool covers are manufactured in Germany using high-quality materials. The fixtures and winding shafts are manufactured in our in-house machine shop. All employees are experienced and skilled specialists in their field. For you, that means: You always receive the best quality.

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