Our retractor systems

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WaterBeck retractor systems

Whether hidden in the pool (recessed) or as part of a stylish bench (top-mounted): Our pool covers can be integrated in your pool in very different ways.

Both versions are suitable for all pool types and can easily be retrofitted. Our retail partners will be glad to assist you in choosing the optimal retractor system.

Incidentally: Whether you prefer a top-mounted or recessed system – we custom tailor each of our pool covers to your swimming pool.

Owners of existing pools can likewise benefit from savings with a WaterBeck pool cover. The easiest way to retrofit a roller shutter cover is installation on the edge of the pool (top-mounted). WaterBeck offers a wide variety of low- and mid-priced models in this category.

Do you prefer to cover the top-mounted frame yourself, or want a version without a facing material? No problem: Your retail dealer will be glad to tell you about the options.

If there is no room for a bench at the edge of the pool or if the area around the pool is to be used for other purposes, we recommend our recessed retractor systems.

In this version the winding shaft is mounted underneath the water line, so that it is invisible from the outside. The clever design with an underwater tubular motor allows retrofitting of our recessed roller shutter cover.

None of our pool covers require a dry shaft. This saves the pool owner both space and money.

Would you like to know more about our retractor systems? Feel free to write to us!